The institues data is well organized in a very easily retrievable form with our RAMANUJAN Software. Since this access is limited to only those users who are well versed with the Internet World , this Question raised our EyeBrowes. With this Question hitting us continuously we have come out with the Best situed solutions for all sets of users who can access the information from any where at any time. This Solution we have literally called as ASIMS.

With the equal amount of Mixure of our IVR Technology (VOISFUSION) and the Referee (STUDENT DATA ORGANIZATION SOFTWARE) we were able to provide the access of this information to all sets of users eventhough they do not have knowledge over the INTERNET.

The Information about their Children to the Parents will be only single Phone call away. Service Provided By Our ASIMS are Listed Below:

1 Attendance Info
2 Circulars/Notices
3 Result Info
4. Important dates
5. Admission Procedure
6. Fee structure & Details
7. Feedbacks